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On April 2 and 9 we launch Year 21 (can you believe it?) of Music Near the Market with (like every other anniversary) a program of audience choice: “Menu of favorites.”

Each day you the audience select the program from a menu of favorites drawn from my programs this past year, especially composers familiar to and beloved by anyone addicted to classical music.
Just in case you have experienced symptoms of organ allergies, I must point out that organ music (unlike peanuts) has never yet killed anyone. In fact, studies show that listening to organ music alleviates the symptoms of neuritis and neurosis, removes frown marks and the cares of daily life, and that’s just the beginning! And informal research indicates that listening to Trinity’s Beckerath has even more physical, mental, and emotional rewards. All this, and you can get back to the salt mines (or wherever whence you come) well before anyone really misses you.
– Florence